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Stone Esquire
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error installing client/server agent (error copying FlowControl.dll)



We are running Worry-Free Business Security Advanced V.6.0.  On one particular PC which is running Windows Vista Ultimate we have been having a recurring issue.  The client/server agent was already installed several months ago and usually works for a month or so and then the issue occurs.  It appears that there is an update being applied or it looks as though the client/server agent is being re-installed automatically.  This scenario will happen whenever the domain user is logging in and the login script calls "autopcc.exe".  It then is unable to copy the FlowControl.dll file located in the file.  The installation procedure then fails and the local client/server agent is now left in a bad state.  I usually end up uninstalling and then re-installing the security agent; however, this has happened 3 times now.  I'm on the hunt for a fix or suggestions.


Thanks for the reply, in advance...

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Re: error installing client/server agent (error copying FlowControl.dll)

If this is a reoccuring issue, you may want to contact Technical Support.  I don't see any specific solutions for this issue based on what you have described, but they may be able to collect some logs/debug info from you and find the appropriate solution or have one created.


On a related note, if this only happens when you run autopcc, then why don't you just remove that from the login script?  It isn't necessary once the client is installed, and since you know it is installed, you can safely stop running it.



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