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Trend Micro WFBS 7.0 agent installation error



I had installed Trend Micro WFBS 7.0. The Client server is not yet licensed, but installed as trial. It can be licensed once everything is configured correctly.Messaging Security Agent has also been installed. A Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard edition has been made as the security server for the domain. The Exchange Server in the domain is Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. The Exchange server is installed in Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise edition.


Earlier, Trend Micro WFBS 5.0 was used in the environment. After installing Trend Micro WFBS 7.0 in the new server, the clients from the old server were manually moved to the new server. Also, MSA was manually installed in the Exchange server, from the new Security server (WFBS 7.0).


The issue which I face now is with the Exchange server. As mentioned above, MSA is already installed in the Exchange server. But, the Client Server security Agent could not be installed in the Exchange Server. I tried installing it remotely from the Security server. It shows that the installation succeeded. But, when logging in to the Exchange server, the security agent is not available in the Exchange server. Only the MSA options are available. I had also tried to install it using the client package, which was created from the new security server. Please see the attachment for the screenshot of the error message while trying to install the agent through client package.


I had already tried the resolution from the following link.


I downloaded the 'fixit' msi file, but when running it, it says that "This is not a valid win32 application"


If I am trying to manually remove the existing client server security agent ( will it remove the the MSA installation also?


Please help me.



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