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Stone Esquire
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Error 331- The installer could not copy the necessary files

I am trying to create an x64 package installer for my workstations. The installer I created, using my security server's clnpack.exe fails with the above error. This is WFBS 8.0. Support has had me copy dbghelp.dll from another workstation and reinstall using the AutoPCC method, but it ends up with the same error. I have also used the Security Agent Uninstall Tool to remove files, and reinstalled using the package installer and the AutoPCC method. I have tried this on three different Win7 machines.


Their firewalls are all off. It does not make any difference whether I install while logged on as localadmin, domain admin, or user.


x32 installation package works OK, but 90% of my machines are Win7 x64. Has anyone encountered this before?

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Error 331- The installer could not copy the necessary files

hi eric,


have you tried copying the agentx64.msi under pccsrv\download to the windows 7 machine and run the msi installer?



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