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Blocking links

I have WFBS ver 7.0 Build 1435. Is there a way to set up trend to block links that are in the body of an email? I (my company) is getting a lot of spam/junk that is not getting filtered as there are no words/phrases that can be used for blocking (normal everyday words that everyone uses in emails), but there are links in the body. I'm hoping that there is a way and that someone here will know how to set it up.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Blocking links

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WFBS Advanced has Web Reputation for the MSA that "helps prevent access to URLs on the Web or embedded in email messages (Advanced only) that pose security risks by checking the URL against the Trend Micro Web Security database. Depending on the location (In Office/Out of Office) of the client (Standard Only), configure a different level of security. Depending on the security level that has been set, it can block access to websites that are known or suspected to be a Web threat or unrated on the reputation database. Web Reputation provides both email notification to the administrator and inline notification to the user for detections."


It can evaluate and potentially block a URL in an email when it is clicked, but as far as I know, it won't look up the URLs in inbound mail to flag or drop them as spam.


If you are looking for a software-based solution that can look at URLs in emails, there a few out there. We cannot post names in this forum, or else I'd give you a link to a site for software I use at small clients.



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