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Renewal question

I currently run AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware (2009) and it is due to expire tomorrow.  I can purchase the same thing reasonably and would like to know if I can just load the CD and run it, without uninstalling the current program on our computer.  Also, if I decide to upgrade to the Titanium AntiVirus + version, do I have to uninstall the current program AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware 2009 first? 

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Re: Renewal question

It is usally better to uninstall the older verson then install the newer version.


And upgrading to the newest version gives you the newest technology to fight the lastest threats, so I would suggest using Titanium.

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Re: Renewal question

Before you uninstall the program, just try to use the product key from the new purchase. It worked that way for me. My subscription had run out, so I got a discount from Amazon(dot)com, and used the newly purchased product key to re-activate Trend Micro. It was as simple as that for me. Try it that way, and if it does not let you activate with the new key, then an uninstall would be you next option.


Be sure to read about the new Titanium program, before you decide to upgrade to it. It is your choice, but be sure you don't end up going with the new Titanium program, if that is not what you wanted to do. Be sure to fully understand what you are reading before you hit the "OK" or "Next" button.

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