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Stone Esquire
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My Trend Micro expires in 2 days, but when I click 'renew', nothing happens.  When I click on the date my subscription ends, my computer tells me that something has caused Trend Micro to stop working.  I've restarted and the problem persists.

My initial subscription was done at Best Buy when I was having a problem with my computer.

How can I renew before it expires?

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Customer Service Manager
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Re: renewing

You can renew online by using the link below:


-type your serial number and continue renewing.


Or you can call our phone support so that you can renew via phone.



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Honored Esquire
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Re: renewing

You can probably renew for much less by buying from Amazon or similar.  (Current $12 for 3 users.  I don't know the Trend online renewal price)

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