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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

"Look what i found" email

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"Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 2:46 PM
Subject: Look what i found


its been hard living on my own this was my opportunity knocking at the door it seemed like my options were starting to become slim.
[removed link] its crazy how the tables have turned
picture all the possibilities."


THis was sent to all my contacts.  I have run scans and a house call. Found nothing.


Don McPhee VE3REO


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Re: "Look what i found" email



Please try to change the password of your email and then monitor if it would do the same.




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Stone Emissary
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Re: "Look what i found" email

This same thing happened to me at the end of January.

Some malware (maybe a Trojan) made its way to my machine from either a website or an email.

Then, it used by Hotmail contacts or my Outlook contacts (I don't know which) to send a weird email to all my contacts using the email addresses in them with a link in the email.  It did that for a few days.  Some of my contacts let me know it was happening.  The subject in the email was also weird; it just had the characters 'Re:'; and the grammar or sentence structure in the email was very juvenile.

Anyway, I deleted all my contacts on Hotmail; changed all my passwords; went into my Outlook contacts and changed all the email addresses to a non standard format, for example: from to  Then, I upgraded from Trend PC-Cillin to Trend Titanium Maximum.  Very drastic measures but so far so good.



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