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can't get trend micro to turn on MODERATOR READ THIS

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I've downloaded and installed the titanium protection and keep getting message that i need to turn on protection.  when i try to turn on protection windows 7 asks if i authorize the program and i click yes but it still doesnt turn on.  when i try to open trend micro it asks me for a serial number (i have allready entered my serial number durring the instilation process)  but i enter it again and now get the message that the serial number is not valid...........I have unitsalled downloaded and reinstalled 3 times.....Trend micro moderators read this........I don't have time to **bleep** around with..if this software is going to be such a big problem just give me my money back and I'll go with it..fix this for me or give me a refund I've wasted 2 hours messing this....I just went with this program because it was recomended by asus on the new laptop i just got..

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Re: can't get trend micro to turn on MODERATOR READ THIS



First what is the program that you are trying to install? Is it Antivirus, internet security or maximum security?


If your serial number starts with A, then its for Antivirus plus.

you may use this link:


If serial starts with P, then itis Internet security.

use this link:


if it is X, then it is the maximum security.

use this link:


The possible reason why you are getting the invalid serial number is that the serial number is not compatible with the installer file that you downloaded.


If in case that you really wish to ask for a refund, you may use the usual support channel that we have. You may call our phone support, you may file an email ticket or use our chat support line.

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Re: can't get trend micro to turn on MODERATOR READ THIS


Just a quick reminder that these forums are not setup as a support channel but as a peer to peer service for people to get in touch with each other concerning Trend Micro Products and Share their Trend Micro Experiences with one another.

Here is a quote from our community guidelines found here


"Finally, Trend Micro provides no formal customer support via these boards. However, employees from many different Trend Micro departments actively follow and sometimes volunteer their expertise and new information to these discussions. Trend Affiliates and our knowledgeable fans may also volunteer their knowledge and experience. If you are a Trend Micro customer you are welcome to open a formal case for support. Support contact information is located on the Community header menus, on, and in your software.

I suggest you contact Customer Support directly if you need assistance ASAP.

Here's the info:

Thank you for understanding.

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Re: can't get trend micro to turn on MODERATOR READ THIS

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hi sahasarar


checked on our end and it appears that you have installed and activated the product, let us know if there are other concerns :smileyhappy:



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