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Stone Esquire
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Trend Micro Titanium corrupts valid zip files?

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I purchased a downloadable tutorial recently (from a legitimate site that sells software training tutorials) and had problems with a corrupted file. The files are in .zip format. After much head banging and emails back and forth with the site owner, we narrowed the problem down to my Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011. I had to turn it off temporarily to download the file so I could get an uncorrupted zip file.


With TM Titanium running, the .zip file would seemingly download okay (i.e. the file size was correct), but when I tried to unzip it I would get an error message about a damaged archive.


I have downloaded zips from this tutorial site many times before and have NEVER had this problem with corrupted files in previous versions of Trend Micro. What's going on with Titanium? Is there some setting I can change so this won't happen again?


Thanks in advance,


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