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Stone Esquire
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Spybot Search and Destroy

I don't appreciate being forced to uninstall Spybot Search and Destroy when your install program left me without antivirus when I chose to not uninstall it.  I choose what applications I use YOU do not.  I shall go through the trouble of reinstalling Spybot now and if your software gives me trouble then I shall use the antivirus they recommend instead.  I have had no beef with Trend Micro, but does your company really want to risk losing customers by annoying them?

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Spybot Search and Destroy

Hi juggler3482,


I understand where you are coming from and I am sorry for the inconvenience. Let me assist you on this concern.


Having two antivirus software on the computer may look like that it is more protected than a computer with just only one but unfortunately, that is not true. It might actually result to performance issues due to conflicting componets of the two software such as scan issues, update issues, slow performance of the computer, or even system crashes.


To avoid users from experiencing these effects, most antivirus software not only Trend Micro, searches for another security software on the computer before installing itself on the machine. 


However, if you still want take the risk of using two antivirus software, you can do so by installing Trend Micro program first and then install the other software. This would only work if the second software doesn't have the capability to search for conflicting third-party security software. 


I hope that I was able to answer your concern.


Kind regards,


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