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Stone Esquire
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Protection for Microsoft Virtual Machine

My OS is Windows 7 Professional and just installed Microsoft Virtual Machine (using it in XP Mode primarily), I am using Titanium Maximum Security.  The question is:  Will Trend Micro protect this Virtual Machine or not?  I want to make sure that when I am using this OS that it is protected.  Any assistance with this would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Protection for Microsoft Virtual Machine

Hi arbit,



Thank you for posting here. Regarding your concern, your Trend Micro Tianium will protect your windows 7 pro. But to be able to protect your Microsoft VM machine, you need to install Trend Micro Titanium there also because Virtual Machines are considered another computer.


Even if it is within your Windows 7, it is considered as another computer within a computer.



Hope this helps.:smileyhappy:

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Stone Esquire
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Re: Protection for Microsoft Virtual Machine

So if I have six virtual computers on my single laptop I would have to purchase six sessions of Micro Trend, correct?  Even though I can only run one operating sytem at a time.  If this is true is there another Micro Trend product available that would cover all virtual machines?  Also, my assumption is that the file scan will still check all files including those for the virtual machines.

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