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Stone Esquire
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New computer Can I transfer it?

I just downloaded my updated software to my computer in October. Can this be transferred to my new one that get's here tomorrow?


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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: New computer Can I transfer it?

Hello redtrk. Yes, you'll just have to download the installer file and then install it on the new computer using the same serial number that you have for the program.

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Stone Esquire
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Re: New computer Can I transfer it?

How do I find the "installer" file.  Could it be hidden?  I find set up but no "install."

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Re: New computer Can I transfer it?

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[UPDATED for Titanium 2013 download and install instructions:]


Hi Jimcubie,


Regarding your inquiry, you need to check the Trend Micro program that you will be installing.


If your serial number starts with the letter 'A', then kindly use the link below:


If in case that it starts with the letter 'P', the link below will be suited:


Lastly, if you are using the serial number that starts with the letter 'X'; use the link below:


I hope this will help you on your concern.

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