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Malware removal?

I've been reading in reviews that Titanium doesn't remove malware all that well.  Then why does Titanium prevent Malwarebytes from running? The older version ran rather well with Malwarebytes, and frankly, the older version of Trend needed its help by running a malwarebytes scan every so often.


I installed the free upgrade to Titanium before I read some of the reviews for it (my subscription doesn't expire for around 4 months) and frankly I'm a bit disturbed by the claims that Titanium doesn't remove existing malware infections all that well.  When I installed Titanium, it insisted on removing Malwarebytes.  I wasn't thrilled, but I had just run a malwarebytes scan and felt I could always reinstall it later.


After installation and set up, I purposely tried to put Titanium thorough its paces by working online and visiting some dubious sites. I was pretty happy with the real time protection that appeared to be going on. It warned me and prevented exposure when protected personal info was being queried.  I even tried going to a VERY dubious site, and was prevented from going there, but was offered the opportunity to override.  Exactly what I wanted to occur.  (This is my 'fun' computer BTW, I would never treat a 'work' computer this way) 


I wanted to see  what I had pcked up, so I installed Malwarebytes and ran a scan.  It appeared to run, and it  seemed to find at least 19 cookies.  But at  somepoint, Titanium appeared to kill Malwarebytes before the cookies could be deleted.  Then when I ran the Titanium complete scan (took about an hour, an acceptable scan time) it found nothing.  I ran Housecall and it found nothing.


So my questions are as follows:


1)  Are my assumptions about what is going on correct?  Is Trend killing Malwarebytes before the cookie deletions occur? 

2) Why didn't Titanium and Housecall find the cookies if they hadn't been defeated?  I can't tell you what the cookies are, because Malwarebytes died before it got to the log file and it never occurred to me to read the screen in that level of detail.

3)  Assuming I want to occasionally run a 3rd party malware package, (no security title is 100%), what is the best way to go about it?



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Re: Malware removal?

glenbarrington—I began using Ti Internet Security and Ti Maximum Security before the official release (when it was still somewhat buggy).  As such I wanted to have a backup solution installed so I used Malwarebytes (free version no real time protection) with no problems.  It is still installed so I tried it out.    When I ran it, it wanted to do a major update of itself, then it wanted a restart, then it wanted updated definitions, then it scanned for 1 hour 7 minutes.  It seems to work fine (produced a log) but it did not find anything to fix.  You are right about not being able to expect a single product to be 100% effective 100% of the time, and Malwarebytes seems to be particularly effective in dealing with fake AVs and more aggressive with cookies than most.  But; as I was just reminded, AV software is only as effective as our vigilance in keeping it updated.  Had I already been infected, I suspect all that updating would have had me pulling out my last two hairs, probably while using really bad language.  I use Ti because of the auto updating, and I feel it provides the best possible real time prevention of serious threats. 


As for whether or not the cookies were deleted I would check the temporary internet files folder (or the location your browser keeps cookies) to see if they are there.  I think Trend is not as aggressive as many AVs in handling the cookies but I don’t see that as a big issue.  I regularly delete all cookies (except those I have “white listed”) with ccleaner or browser buttons.  I also think some AV companies are particularly aggressive in how they classify cookies to pump up “detection rates” for reviews.

As for running 3rd party software as an occasional “double check” I have not had any problems having it sitting on my computer (after the initial install of Ti) as long as there is no real time protection enabled.  You might try running it in safe mode if you feel there is potential conflict.   NOTE: My experience is limited and may be unique.  You may just have to experiment to make sure they can play nice on your particular set up.

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