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Downgrading or Removing Product

Ever since I made the choice a few months ago to upgrade from the old version of the software (I can't remember which one it was) to Titanium I have been nothing but unhappy with the product.  As of right now I cannot wait for my subscription to stop so I can get rid of this product. 


My question is what is the policy for getting a partial refund for the unused time, or is it possible to go back to the old version of the software that actually works.  So far in this Titanium product I have ran into the following problems:


  • Poor performance with the scan engine hitting over 50% utilization
  • Problems with the Scheduled Scans not running a Full Scan at all times
  • Problems connecting to devices (i.e. iPod, DVR, etc) on a remote device
  • Extended bootup time when starting up the computer


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Re: Downgrading or Removing Product

Hi cpres,

Just a quick reminder that these forums are not setup as a support channel but as a peer to peer service for people to get in touch with each other concerning Trend Micro Products and Share their Trend Micro Experiences with one another.

Here is a quote from our community guidelines found here


"Finally, Trend Micro provides no formal customer support via these boards. However, employees from many different Trend Micro departments actively follow and sometimes volunteer their expertise and new information to these discussions. Trend Affiliates and our knowledgeable fans may also volunteer their knowledge and experience. If you are a Trend Micro customer you are welcome to open a formal case for support. Support contact information is located on the Community header menus, on, and in your software.

I suggest you contact Customer Support directly if you need assistance ASAP.

Here's the info:

Thank you for understanding.

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Re: Downgrading or Removing Product



regarding your inquiry if you can downgrade to an earlier version, yes you may do so but make sure that it is version 2009 or 2010.

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Re: Downgrading or Removing Product

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*** Locked topic because problem was already resovled. For related concerns, please post a new topic from the link below:


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