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Stone Esquire
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Approved Websites Issue

I was just playing around with my trend micro internet Pro 2010 settings and I have an issue.


I was checking 'Approved Websites' in the 'Protection Against Websites Settings' and I was very disturbed.  I had a list of over 20 dodgy sites mostly about bestiality on the list!


My housemate also checked his trend micro titanium 2010 settings for the same thing and he had a whole heap of dodgy sites on his approved websites list too.


We have since deleted them.


But what I want to know is why has this happened? 


I was under the impression that trendmicro offered robust security which is why I chose to purchase your software.

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Approved Websites Issue

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Hi stusaspefr,


PRO 2010 is an old version of the program already. You can try upgrading it to the 2012 version. You can visit the link below for instructions. Use the same serial number.


Try to check if you have the same problem.




dwickie :smileyhappy:

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