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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

Activation Key

I purchased and downloaded Titanium Internet Security, but when I enter the serial number nothing happens.

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Activation Key

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Hi phuspucled,


Regarding your problem, is it giving you any error messages when you are installing the program? One possible reason why this is happening is if there are permission issues with the system that needs to be corrected first. With that, please try the instructions below and then proceed with the installation once more.


I. Uninstall traces of the initial installation that did not complete


A. If you tried installing 2011, please use the link below:​217.aspx


B. If you tried installing 2012, please use the link below:​799.aspx



II. Fix permission issues

Download the the Permission Tool thru this link:

Password: novirus


Hope this helps. Regards,


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