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Stone Esquire
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need to cut cost's

i have the 2008 version and i have had my income cut and my costs have gone up how do i remove since when i try to unistall it says it has been done all ready but ubnder windows explore it show the latest version and it won't fire up and when i did get something to happen it took out my network and internet connection also... you have a good product but i just need to cut expenses   thank loyd

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Trend Micro
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Re: need to cut cost's

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hi loyd,


i feel you T_T


you can uninstall the program using diagnostic toolkit: How to uninstall my Trend Micro program using the Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit so you could install a free av program - there are a lot out there, just make sure they're not the fake ones


visit also our free tools site 

there might be something here you could use to add a layer in your computer's protection



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