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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

Windows 7 Action Center

I have Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 installed on Windows 7 (originally the Home Premium Edition, now with an Anytime Upgrade to the Ultimate Edition).


The Windowss 7 Action Center is reporting that Trend Micro Internet Security is turned off.


However, Trend Micro Internet Security reports that everything is turned on.


Has anyone else encountered this problem.


Any recommendations?

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Windows 7 Action Center



My recent experience with this issue is with Trendmicro Internet Security, but I suppose you can try these steps with any other Trendmicro product as long as you have admin rights on your computer. Kindly try to run an update for Trendmicro first then do a restart of your computer, after that try an update for Windows7 and do a restart afterwards as well.


Should it not work then the issue would point to a problem with the windows action center since your copy of Trendmicro Internet  Security already registers that you have the latest updates, I suspect that one or more of the following may be turned off in your windows services. Kindly try out the following:


a. Go to start > type services and press enter


b. Look for "Security Center" and "Windows management Instrumentation"


c. Check if these services are stopped, if they are select the said service/s by double left clicking on the service.


d. A properties page would pop-up and set the start-up type to automatic, then do a restart.

I am a Trend Micro employee.  My comments and advice come from my personal knowledge and experience.  I’m happy to volunteer what I can to help others have a great Trend Micro experience.
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