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Stone Esquire
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Uninstalling Home Network Defender

I just intalled a new router Linksys Cisco wrt160n and installed at the same time Home Network Defender.

Now I can't get to some pages in my browser and I can't unintalled that damned Defender,


Somebody knows how????



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Re: Uninstalling Home Network Defender

HND is built in to the Linksys router and is part of the router's firmware. For more information on how to disable HND, you can visit, as Linksys is the one supporting HND technical issues.

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Re: Uninstalling Home Network Defender

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Access the router's configuration page (using a web browser or using the Linksys software) and turn off HND





You may also use the link below:

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Stone Esquire
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Re: Uninstalling Home Network Defender

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Here is how to disable Home Network Defender (HND) for Linksys routers. During this process you may be ask for the router’s username/password, if you assigned the router a username/password during the router setup enter this information; if not, enter only the password “admin” and hit Enter. If you can’t remember the password you assigned use a ball-point pen to reset the router default settings by pushing the reset button on the back of the router with a ball-point pen. Once the router has finished re-booting enter the password “admin” (only) when prompted for it.


Now you are ready to change the HND settings


Open a browser and browse to and enter the reset password “admin” (no username will be needed) but the default username is “admin”, as well. This IP address is the router’s firmware IP address for a WRT120N router. I'm not sure if this IP address is for all Linksys routers; however, I found this IP address in the online manual for the WRT120N router. So, if this IP address doesn't work, find the manual for your router on and it's IP will be within the first few pages in the manual (PDF file) under the title “Access the Browser-Based Utility”.


Once at the correct IP address "Click" on "Access Restrictions" (the one between "Security" and "Applications & Gaming". At the top of the center frame there will be a pull-down menu, labeled "Access Policy" and it will have a number in the box that looks like this "1()". One 1() is the most restrictive setting (default) and 10() is no restrictions. Select a higher number, I set mine at 10() and gave it the short name "NONE" in the box below the pull-down menu, which is labeled "Enter Policy Name".


Below the policy name field there is a "Status" field to either "Enabled" or "Disabled" the setting you just changed, select "Enabled". Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click "Save Settings" and it will take about 20 seconds to save the changes to your router. Once saved, open another browser tab and check a URL that you are being restricted from. It should work now. :smileyhappy:


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