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Stone Esquire
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Trend Micro wont turn on

Today when I logged on to my laptop the windows security center popped up and said trend was turned off (Vista) and when I click on turn back on a window pops up that says do you trust and want to allow program to run I click yes and the window goes away but trend wont turn on.  Also when I go to open Trend you can double click it a hundred times and it absolutley will not open the program.  What gives?  I just bought a new year subscription a month ago and everything seemed to be working fine.

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Stone Emissary
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Re: Trend Micro wont turn on

I would try this first-


I suggest that you choose the setting Full Scan instead of the Quick Scan.


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Honored Emissary
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Re: Trend Micro wont turn on

Hi Travis385


Have you tried restarting the computer to see if that helps?

If that does not help, try to uninstall and reinstall the program.


Also, did you do anything different between it working and it failing to start, like installing a new program?

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Trend Micro wont turn on

Hi travis385


Please try to check if there are conflicting softwares on the system (other anti virus /anti malware programs) and if there is try to remove it. Because it could after the Trend Micro Software.


Thank you

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