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Stone Esquire
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Trend Micro keeps deactivating saying I have it on to many computers

The motherboard fried on my old laptop, I am only using trend micro on 2 computers now. The 3rd installation died with my laptop frying. It was installed maybe on a computer that we returned after 3 days, but best buy has it and that would still only be 3 computers. It is currently on 2 of my laptops only. Please stop deactivating my software. Milton Bonura

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Stone Noble
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Re: Trend Micro keeps deactivating saying I have it on to many computers

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Hey axmon,


Is there any error message that you are receiving with this concern? Can you provide the exact message?




The only scenario that you will have problems with activation is if in case you are constantly knocking off the same seats.


For example, There's PC 1, PC 2 and PC 3.


PC 1 is no longer working and you now have a new PC.


If you install Trend Micro on PC 4, you will get the too many installation. You will have the choice to select a seat.


If accidentally you picked PC2 or PC3, it will knock the activation on that computer and it will ask you to activate it.


If unfortunately you picked PC 4 or another PC2 or PC 3, then it will be a constant activation battle.


This will only stop once you know the seat that needs to be removed.


Also, make sure that the serial number is really the one good for 3 machines. It might be possible that you are using the one which is good for only one computer. 


Hope i provided the logic on this problem. :smileyhappy:




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