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Accepted Solution

SafeSync: identical files, different names, confusion

I think SafeSync may be confused by identical files with different names.

I had two identical files in the same directory: DCP_0930JPG and DarkDog.JPG.

Status remained as 'Updating File Structure' with pending files pointing at DarkDog.JPG.

I then moved DarkDog to another directory and back, hoping this would help clear up SafeSync's ideas.

However,after moving it back status remains as Updating File Structure', with Pending Files as below.

DCP_0930JPG has not been looked at, changed or deleted throughout the process.

Or it might be a pointer at the bug where SafeSync has been reported as deleting files ????







Trend Micro SafeSync - Pending Files
Filename      Action Status   % Rate
DCP_0930JPG   Delete Waiting

Size 142.91KB
Path Pictures/2000/DarkDog.JPG
Transfer status Waiting



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Stone Esquire
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Re: SafeSync: identical files, different names, confusion

I may have a variation on this problem, having just completed a backup of several thousand files, I find myself left with 64 files that are "Pending".   I can see no security access rights issues, they are conventionally names, a combination of a few PDF's and MP3's.  There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary about these files but they sit there without backing up.


For about half of the files on my list, they fall into a similar category to the post above, they were backed up previosly when located in a different drive/folder before I moved them to their final location.  So a copy did exist previously (though it has been deleted now when I look at the back-up).


I like the safesync solution, just struggling to work out what is up with these last few files?  Any suggestions?


Many Thanks


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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: SafeSync: identical files, different names, confusion

Hi Rob,


Please try to clear cache of SafeSync by doing the following:


1. Exit out of SafeSync (sign out and then disable the application)

2. Then go to 


For XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows accout name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Trend Micro\OSDP\<account name>


For Vista and 7:

C:\Users\<Windows accout name>\AppData\Local\Trend Micro\OSDP\<account name>


3. Delete the Root and Temp folder

4. Re login again


What SafeSync will do next is to rebuild the structure of the Smart Drive, it will only download the structures of the directory and will not download your online files(unless you caching). At the same time it will try to sync files that did not sync on the previous attempt.




I am a Trend Micro employee. My comments and advice come from my personal knowledge and experience. I’m happy to volunteer what I can to help others have a great Trend Micro experience.
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Stone Esquire
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Re: SafeSync: identical files, different names, confusion

Had a similar problem & this worked a treat.



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