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Re: Safesync - 15 Sec Lag when Right Clicking in Windows

Could have been a DNS issue.  I don't know if the safesync right click extension tries to contact back to the safesync host before coming up ... probably not really sensible if it does, but maybe it does...???  I just had a DNS issue with (BE is an excellent ISP, but rubbish DNS, and my normal BE/DNS workaround had gone awol).  During the short period I had that DNS issue I noticed some significant right click delays.


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Re: *SafeSync* The Slow Upload Speed Thread

I signed up for a month trial, and was planning to buy unlimited plan later (unlimited storage for the reasonable price).


BUT the speed is terribly slow! Actually I need to backup 100-200 GB, my connection speed is 100Mbps, but the upload speed is only 1.2-1.6 Mbps! The upload seems to finish just to the end of trial month...


Of course, the connection is set to "Super fast cable" and unlimited upload. Also I tried setting custom speed - no change.

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Re: Safesync speeds are terribly slow, client in OSX unstable

I have know used the service for over two weeks. Never one single time have I uploaded faster than 150kb/s and never downloaded faster than 200kb/s. And the medium speed seems to be around 120kb/s regardless of up and down. I have as I stated earlier tried from my home network and also from my office LAN which is a part of the Swedish university network (Fiber = FAST). The client is ofcoarse set to unlimited speed. I have tried other backup solutions which uses servers in the US and have then managed speeds over 20Mbit/s (2000kb/s) at my home network downspeed.


Is this an issue that you are adressing? Where are your servers located? Europe? US?

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Re: *SafeSync* The Slow Upload Speed Thread

I've installed SafeSync client on my Mac and tried to pair my local folder and the online storage.

It was running over one week to pair 70G of data.  However, it did not complete because of the corrupted sync data.

The SafeSync client was keep exiting without any error/warning messages.  In the meantime, various folders/files, which I deleted (even from my recycle bin), on my online storage keep coming back...


I've contacted TrendMicro's support centre but they were not able to help me because SafeSync Mac client does not provide useful logs.


So I've decided to dig little bit deeper by myself and found that the inconsistency in folder/file lists between the SafeSync client and online storage.  I've also found that there was cyclic link was made for one of folders....

Maybe these caused SafeSync client to exit without any warning...


I've stopped the SafeSync and remove all SafeSync related folders/files (all I can find) and reinstalled/restarted SafeSync.  It's now running over three days without fail...(though it still doing the initial paring..)

But today I've found that the transmission speed is now extremely slow...13Kbps! (I'm on the university LAN, so network speed should not be a problem.)


I haven't been able to use this service successfully since I purchased it.  What is the cooling off period of this service???  If it keep transferring files at 13Kbps, it is impractical to use this service.


Am I the only one getting such a bad performance?


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Re: *SafeSync* The Slow Upload Speed Thread

Hi, I've just recently downloaded Safesync as well and have faced the same problems and, although my CPU is not maxed out, my Download speed drops from around 4.5Mbs to 100Kbs when my files are Uploading.


I have found that by opening the Configuration box and selecting the 'Custom' option in the Connection Usage section and setting it to 100 Kbs my PC now runs fine.


I tried various settings in the Custom box and the results varied dramatically, see below.


Custom                          SettingBB Speed in Kbps

300                                260

250                                730

200                                2310

150                                3590

100                                4470

50                                 4450


Obviously this will slow down the transfers, well at least until all files are uploaded,  but at least I can use my PC again.  I've got to say that I'm appalled at Trend Micro's lack of interest in the issues raised in these posts, especially as most people are going to try the Trial version first... gives the impression that they don't care whether or not we buy their service.


I'd be keen to hear if changing the configuration, as above, has fixed anyone else's problems.

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So guys, what is your effective upload speed?

It would be interesting to hear from you about your effective upload speed, your ordered bandwidth and your global location. I am now having a 10 MBit upload in Germany and I fear Safesync is still incredibly slow, because the servers seem to be located in Japan.


Regarding your upload issues:


@Hootie10: It is normal that your U/L will also decrease your D/L speed when you upload, because TCP connections are based on echo-reply transfers. That means when your client will send one packet to any WWW server, their server will have to send you back a receipt of transfer and vice versa. So when you are making your line busy with lots of uploads, the receipt package of a same-time WWW surfing session will have to wait in line. This will slow doen your download speed noticeably.


@client users: Guys, do not use the client. I just recognized that the client is trying to mirror data on your local frive - even when you unchecked the caching option. So if you want to backup let's say 10 GBytes, the Safesync client will also store the same data in the applications directory. I decided to connect with WebDAV even under Windows, otherwise Safesync would be unusable if you are under 51% free space on your local HD.

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