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SafeSync: Less of my file backed up this morning than last night

I'm trying out SafeSync starting with a 19GB file. It started by saying the backup would take three days and nine hours, which was wishful thinking. Last night (the third day), it said 16% was backed up.  This morning it's 6%.  At one point it said three files were backed up with one to go. Then four were backed up and now five, still with one to go.


I don't know what those other files are, since I only put one file in the SafeSync drive. But what I really care about is being able to backup large files. How can I tell if something went wrong with the backup? Should I start over?

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Re: SafeSync: Less of my file backed up this morning than last night

The "xxx files done, yyy to go" message seems to be largely fictional, especially the xxx part.  There are other issues with the client (look for SafeSync posts in this forum), such as not quite managing to back up all files.


SafeSync does not seem to have an intelligent backup continuation after interruption.  If backup of a file is interrupted, it seems to start again at the beginning when the connection comes back.  I had plenty of problems with a 1GB file (I did have a noisy extension that was causing broadband loss every few hours, I hope now fixed).  You would need fast and reliable domestic broadband to back up a 17GB file.  And you mustn't turn anything off or let it go to sleep until the backup is complete.


As you only have very few (though large) files, you can check out from the web interface what files are really backed up.  Right click on the SafeSync icon in the notification area (bottom right) and choose 'Open Trend Micro SafeSync website'.   If a file is backed up, it will show with sensible date and size.  If it is in the process of being backed up, or an attempt has previously been made to back it up, it will show with size 0 and some old date (1970 if I remember right).



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Re: SafeSync: Less of my file backed up this morning than last night

For this issue kindly use the link below.


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