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Stone Esquire
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Registered: ‎10-08-2009

Problem with uninstalling the Internet Security 07



After unintalling the TM 07 internet security version, multiple .exe files were deleted/disappeared/purged during the restart, effectively leaving my pc gutted other windows vista being able to boot, after running a system restore which helped recover some of the missing .exe file, but also partially restoring the 07 internet security software. Some of the reinstalls of the gutted programs have also met problems, some with corrupt installations and others just crashing during installation. Missing logs also presented a problem with the unstallation/installation of some software.


At the moment, I am unable to uninstall nor run the 07 internet Security as I encounter the following problem:


Unable to read your configuration. restart your computer and try again. If the problem persists, consult the Online Help system for further instructions.

(error=7055-86, hr=0x80040403)


I am also worred about a repeat of the file purge that started this mess in the first place.

Tried installing Windows Installer CleanUp but although it says it installs successfully, I cannot find a copy or link for it anywhere.


Some advice would be nice.


Best Regards



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