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Stone Esquire
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Registered: ‎10-14-2009

October 14th update disables all PC devices

Whilst working on my friend's PC this morning an update was automatically downloaded from your site which required a restart after installation.


The PC failed to start at all on a number of occasions but eventually did - in safe mode. The keyboard and mouse are however no longer recognised by the PC so it is impossible to do anything with it.


A message "popped up" in the corner of the screen advising me that there may have been problems with the update just downloaded from your company and that a later update "might" fix it. This is not the first time your company has caused problems of this kind and I am now wondering how to download ANYTHING when I cannot issue any instructions to the PC!


Do you know which files will have been removed or disabled by the update and how I might be able to recover them from another machine on another network and antivirus platform (like the one I'm using now)?



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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: October 14th update disables all PC devices

Hey Mick,


did you receive similar notification as the one described on this article?


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