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Accepted Solution

Cant Delete Quarantine

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I have files in that date back to 7/5/10 and I cant delete them. When I try to I get this "Unable to delete. You computer may have  locked the file or you lack sufficient priviliges to access the file"


So tell me - how to I solve this?


Sorry - the product is Internet Security Pro running on Windows 7 Ultimate

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Stone Emissary
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Re: Cant Delete Quarantine

Hi WayneFusco


Try to follow the steps on the link below on how to delete the quarantined files in Trend Micro Internet Security: 


This also delete the files on the Quarantine Folder.


But if you're trying to delete a folder and you're getting the same error, possible that you don't have enough permission or enough ownership to the folder. You can add permission or take the ownership of the folder by doing the steps on the lin below:




It it work on you.



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