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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

Been updating for 6 hours

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Have been trying to update , and it has been running for 6 hrs.Should it take this long?

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Stone Emissary
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Re: Have be

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No it should not. what product are you using ?




For the Trend Micro product, it would not take 6 hours for it to download and install the updates unless the internet connection that you are using is dial-up.


There are diiferent things that could hinder the update process.


-Unstable connection

-proxy settings

-faulty program

-conflicting programs



There are instances that if you are using an older version of Trend Micro, we suggest to upgrade the version into a higher version.


Just an update, we can try upgrading to the new 2012 version and check if problem persist.​195.aspx



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