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Stone Esquire
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Backing up from NAS using multiple PC's



I hope someone can confirm this will work...


I have a NAS which houses my music and pics, which I want to back up.  I've mapped a drive letter to each folder on my desktop PC, and made two Pairings.  This is working fine and is now churning through 30+GB of files.


However, this machine is not always on, so I set up the same mappings / pairings on my laptop, as if the desktop is off, laptop will invariably be on and vice versa.


My questions are...


1.  If, for example, I run the backup for a while on my desktop, turn it off and then boot up the laptop.  Will the backup kick off from the same point?  (as there's so many files to upload at the moment, it's hard to tell if it's starting from scratch or continuing)


2. If both machines are on at the same time running SafeSync, what will happen?


3.  If I lose connection to the mapped drive for a period of time will SafeSync pick up when it reconnects? (A different backup solution I tried deleted the backup files if it lost connection to a shared drive as it assumed the files were gone!)


Thanks in advance 

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