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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

Activation reset

Dear Trend Micro,


The laptop I had Internet Security Pro intalled on needed a restore and I lost the program.  Therefore I had to use one of my three allowed activations to reinstall on the same computer.  I currently only have Internet Security Pro installed on two computers and would like to add a third.  Is there any way that I can get another activation since I've used two of my "credits" on the same computer?



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Stone Emissary
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Re: Activation reset

Hi Varkrio,


I believe there's no way to remove the existing activation, but what you can do is download and install the program on the third computer. During the activation part, you will be getting a message telling you “Too many installations” since you already used the Serial Number trice


you can fix the issue thru the link below:


this will allow you to deactivate previous/non-existing activation to give way to the third PC installation.

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