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Stone Esquire
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w2k3, NTBackup to slow


I have to manage a small MS-domain. 4 Servers, 35 Clients.

Yesterday I changed my backups to NTBackup. How can I configure OfficeScan to ignore these backupjobs.

I found, that this should be made somewhere in the Client-Console but... all entries for the configuration are grayed out.

Even on the server with a login, configured as Administrator.

Thanks in advance!


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Trend Micro Employee
Trend Micro Employee
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Re: w2k3, NTBackup to slow

Hi Tom,


You maybe looking for granting privilege to modify scan settings for those OSCE Clients. You need to login to the Officescan Server Console to remove those "greyed" options on the client console. Here's how :


a. Open the console

b. Go to Network Computers > Client Management

c. Select the machine you want to give privilege

d. Click Settings > Privileges and Other Settings

e. Under Scan Privileges, you may check the appropriate permission.

f. Click Apply to All Clients


I hope that helps...



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