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Stone Esquire
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virus pattern updated

We are running Office scan 8. According to the Updates Summary page the latest Virus pattern is version 6.811.00 which was released on 30/1/2010. Using the Component Version screen, I have verified that is not the version that is installed on a couple of clients (the latest Virus pattern is version 6.803.00 which was released on 25/1/2010 or older). The Server Update is scheduled to occur daily and all of the components are selected to be updated. The Networked Computers is Schedule-based Update occur daily.


Why are my clients not being updated?


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Stone Esquire
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Registered: ‎01-31-2010

Re: virus pattern updated

It could be due to one of the services being stopped. This happens because of another AV installation. Try restarting the services.


Also, sometimes if systems are left on for many days or months together, they do not update. In this case, restart the client systems facing this problem.


Lastly, if they still do not update, go for an uninstallation and reinstallation of the Trend Micro OfficeScan Client (this is if all else fails).


Hope this helps.


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Re: virus pattern updated

Please check the status in the OfficeScan web console of those clients that do not receive the pattern file update from the server. Normally, when the clients show as Offline on the console, then the server will not send pattern update notifications to them. You may perform Connection Verification on the web console for those target clients to ensure that they reflect the correct information/status.


Also, try doing an Update Now from the client side and see if it will be successful in downloading the updates from the server. This will help us isolate the connection problem. You can do this by right-clicking the OfficeScan realtime icon at the system tray of client computer, and then select Update Now.


Lastly, try executing this command from the Run window of the client computer.





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