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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

unable to install office scan client in windows 7



We are using Office Scan 10.5 Version on Windows 2k3 Server Standard Edition-32bit.

Recently we have procured new desktops with following configuration: IE9, Windows 7 64bit-edition.

When I tried to install the client through web browser, it is showing unsuccessful. I am enclosing the snapshot.

Please let me know the problem and suggest the solution.




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Stone Talent
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Re: unable to install office scan client in windows 7

First of all check for any malware or virus already in you machines. If its not completing the installation this might be a problem. Even after that try creating Client Installer, using ClnPack.exe.


You can find the procedure from the console, in Tools >> Client Tools. You can create a Client installer for both 32bit & 64 Bit platform.


Hope this helps.

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