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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

Update Agent / Advanced Search / OfficeScan 10.5 server console.

What exactly am I looking at when I select an "Advanced Search" from "Client Management", select "Update Agents" and "Disabled"? The machines listed in the search results are net getting updated by their associated Update Agent?


What is the best way to determine if:


1. An update Agent is getting it's updates from the OfficeScan server?

2. A client is getting updated with the correct Update Agent?

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Re: Update Agent / Advanced Search / OfficeScan 10.5 server console.

1. With the advanced search for Update Agent enabled you will find all the update agents.


2. You may analyze the update source by viewing the tmudump.txt files on the clients or update agents.

Also You may look into the component update logs at the server.


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