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Stone Esquire
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Accepted Solution

Spyware/Grayware assessment mode end at ......


i have installed OFS 8.0

with web threat i found this messege

Spyware/Grayware assessment mode end at ......


on the top what the meaning ?

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Spyware/Grayware assessment mode end at ......

This screen determines how anti-Spyware functionality behaves upon discovery of spyware. To help an administrator study the types of files that are flagged as spyware, the OfficeScan installation program provides the option to prevent OfficeScan clients from deleting spyware – even if they are set to clean – for the duration specified on this screen.
This assessment period allows the administrator to identify the files that they want excluded from spyware cleaning, and to add them to the Approved List. After the assessment period, the OfficeScan client implements spyware cleaning functionality.



Unlike other forms of malware, there is little consensus on what constitutes spyware. Cookies are a good example of this debate. Like other security companies, Trend Micro can detect and remove cookies. However, there are those in the IT industry who claim that cookies are not actually spyware. Assessment mode give administrators a chance to fine tune their own policies for which files are addressed as part of anti-spyware functionality

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