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Accepted Solution

Register Officescan to Control Manager

-Having installed TMCM 5.5 and OSCE 10.6.

-Configured proxy settings on the first one, applied manual download and set: Do not deploy(Package downloaded to default path : D:\Trend Micro\Control Manager\Control Manager\WebUI\Download\ActiveUpdate)

-Set update source in OSCE to:



and in Smart Scan Integrated Server:


TMCM downloads updates just fine, but when i update OSCE from web console says "No updates available" for all products. Which may be the problem? :smileyfrustrated:


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Re: Register Officescan to Control Manager

For the OfficeScan Server update source, you can only define one update source.

You have listed two of them and the first one means, that OSCE Server is updating from itself. So the message "No updates available" is just right.

The second update source should be the right one, but I wonder about port 8080.

TMCM uses port 80 per default.



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