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Stone Esquire
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Officescan client

Good morning, In the organization we have OfficeScan 8.0 installed in a Windows 2003 server. All clients are updated with the internal server, but there are some customers who do not connect to the corporate network. How can upgrade these customers?, Is there an install package that does not depend on the OfficeScan server?


thank you very much

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Trend Micro Employee
Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Officescan client

You can use Client Packager Tool under \PCCSRV\Admin\Utility. When creating a package, choose Update from "Package Type" and you can use this to update components on your remote machines.



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Stone Emissary
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Re: Officescan client

you can configure your clients that they are allowed to update directly from the TM Update servers in the internet. They will wirst try to reach the internal server and then will try to reach the TM servers. So your internal clients are able to update to your internal server and your customers are able to update from internet.


But beware! your customer is not able to change any configuration via a gui! You can only change settings in the registry for your osce client.


You could place a osce server in the dmz that is reachable via internet and your customer clients could connect to this server and then they are managable!




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