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Stone Esquire
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IDF and Windows 2008 Print Server

I have a number of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit clients that randomly lose the ability to connect to the Windows Server 2008 which hosts our enterprise print server. Network printers hosted by the server show OFFLINE. Other network resources - drive mappings, ability to go to internet sites, TCP/IP printers, etc - are all still available. Other machines can still access the print server and print so the print server did not experience a disconnect or other downtime.


If we stop the service Trend Micro OfficeScan Intrusion Defense Firewall Client the user can refresh Devices and Printers and the network printers hosted by the Windows 2008 print server will change to ONLINE status.


It is not simply the OS, in my testing, because the same PC with IDF uninstalled never experiences the issue.


Has anyone else experienced this?


IDF version =

Trend OfficeScan Client version = 10.0 Service Pack 1


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