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Stone Esquire
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Problems after updating phone

Hi, I updated to Gingerbread a couple days ago. I've had Mobile Security Personal Edition installed and working for a couple weeks, but after the update the app force closes. A popup asks me to force close even when I'm not trying to open the app.

I've tried uninstalling, but it didn't work. I think I remember the app saying I have to enter a password to uninstall because of the wipe feature, but I can't open the app to do that anyways. Restarting my phone didn't help, either. 

Any suggestions? I have a Droid X, if that helps any.

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Problems after updating phone

You can try this way to resolve this problem.

Go to Settings > Manage Application > Applications > Mobile Security, click "Force Stop" and "Clear Data". Then open Mobile Security again.


Or, if you want to uninstall it first and then re-install, here's way for uninstallation.

Go to Settings > Security (or Location and Security) > Device Administrator > Mobile Security, "Deactivate" it, and then go to Manage applications to remove Mobile Security.

After that, you can install it again.

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Re: Problems after updating phone

Hi ashleybunch,


we can follow the links below for the steps on how we can reinstall the Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition.


Unisntall TMMS:

Reinstall TMMS Personal Edition:


Hope this helps!


Geo :smileyhappy:

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