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Stone Esquire
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Mobile Security for Nokia N8

Call me stupid, but I've gone through the process of loging in (on my laptop,) to download the Mobile Security for my Nokia N8 a number of times, but when I get to the pop-up and select Nokia N80 (a.k.a. Nokia N8) NO DOWNLOAD (can't get the 'step 7. - SAVE bit...) :smileymad: (no .sis file) hit NEXT and it asks for the Serial Number... from where...? Am I supposed to type in the serial number from my Trend Micro Maximum Security Titanium 2012 software (already installed on my lap-top and tablet,) or is there supposed to be a separate download (MobileSecurity.sis..? not showing up in my downloads, nor my desk-top) with a separate serial number...? How come nothing downloads so I can go to 'Step 7.' and save the intaller, or whatever...? What am I doing wrong..?:smileyfrustrated:

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Re: Mobile Security for Nokia N8



can you check the following instructions:


How to install the Trend Micro Mobile Security for Smart Phones bundled with your Titanium 2012 program ->

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