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Stone Esquire
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desktop smiley

MS VISTA User with Trendmicrocilin anti-virus. DESKTOPSMILEY infection.


Our computer connects to the internet, but will not display any sites.  It appears that a great deal of traffic is going through our computer.  URL's try to be directed to a "desktopsmiley" prefix.  We can not ping our own DNS server !  However, using DOS can ping sites such as Google, etc.


We uninstalled DeskTopSmiley, System Seach Dispatcher and Media Access Starup.  We blocked DesktopSmiley in our start up.


We changed DNS address through our provider.


There are 5 computers on the network.  2 run Trendmicrocilin.  3 run McCafee.  Only 1 cannot connect and it is running Trendmicro.


One advice is to restore to factory settings, reload all program, set up the network (the infected computer is the host)....but this sounds drastic.


Another advice is to run CLAMWIN - but cannot tell if this will just detect the virus or resolve the virus.


HELP NEEDED - I am not very good at computers !!!!



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