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Stone Emissary
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Windows Username/Password

Hello again my friends. Y'all helped me get the issues cleared up, and I thought I finally had it working again, but I ran across a small problem. After going into SafeMode, cleaning up the viruses, registry, etc., I restarted so that I could log in regularly, rather than SafeMode. And, now the username/password combo is gone. I know the password, I wrote that down when I called the home office, but I don't know the username. Admin, Administrator, even Administration were tried, to no avail. Is there a way to bypass the user name/password combo to log in? Remember, I'm pretty new to this company. The thought of sending this computer back to the home office as unusable and the IT person typing in the username/password with rousing success is sooo NOT what I want to do. I'm really hoping y'all will tell me how to get past the username/password combo. Or, shoot, even just the username, I have the dang password. Maybe the computer is still broken, but I really thought I had it fixed when I was in SafeMode - that's why I logged out, to make sure. Help? ~Txheart
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Re: Windows Username/Password

Can you try booting from another OS and mount the partition of the target hard drive where you have the windows installation?  And then try to see the user accounts at " x:\Documents and Settings\ <user name>" which might give you a hint on which previous accounts were used.  It should be a good try I think.

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