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How to I get rid Virus



I'm trying to get rid of the Virus which has invaded my network. I have tried running several apps Trend Max 2012 and Malwarebytes just to name a few with no luck I'm still not sure how it got past my TMIS 2012 application which does not detect it.


Thanks in advance




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Re: How to I get rid Virus


hi Ezz1r,


It seems that you're being redirected to a malicious website on your search results. There can be a malicious activity running in the background that may can't be detected by malware scanners.


Try to run the RootkitBuster to detected those hidden processes.


If you weren't able to detected anything using this tool, you can make use of our Rescue Disk. When you run Rescue Disk, you need to change the boot sequence of your computer to boot to DVD/CD first. This is an effective tool for possible malware that runs before Windows can load.


Disclaimer: Trend Micro won't be held liable for any damages that may take effect upon running our tools. This may be due to the severity or infected file by the malware. It's highly recommended to backup important files or backup your computer's system image before running the tools.

I am a Trend Micro employee. My comments and advice come from my personal knowledge and experience. I’m happy to volunteer what I can to help others have a great Trend Micro experience.
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Re: How to I get rid Virus

Welcome aboard! Posted Image


  • This step can be performed in Normal Mode ,so please download the latest official version of HitmanPro.
    [Image: Download Hitman Pro]
  • Double click on the previously downloaded file to start the HitmanPro installation.
    [Image: hitmanpro-icon.png]
    NOTE : If you have problems starting HitmanPro, use the "Force Breach" mode. Hold down the left CTRL-key when you start HitmanPro and all non-essential processes are terminated, including the malware process. (How to start HitmanPro in Force Breach mode - Video)
  • Click on Next to install HitmanPro on your system.
    [Image: installing-hitmanpro.png]
  • The setup screen is displayed, from which you can decide whether you wish to install HitmanPro on your machine or just perform a one-time scan, select a option then click on Next to start a system scan.
    [Image: hitmanpro-setup-options.png]
  • HitmanPro will start scanning your system for malicious files. Depending on the the size of your hard drive, and the performance of your computer, this step will take several minutes.
    [Image: hitmanpro-scanning.png]
  • Once the scan is complete,a screen displaying all the malicious files that the program found will be shown as seen in the image below.After reviewing each malicious object click Next.
    [Image: hitmanpro-scan-results.png]
  • Click Activate free license to start the free 30 days trial and remove the malicious files.
    [Image: hitmanpro-activation.png]
  • HitmanPro will now start removing the infected objects, and in some instances, may suggest a reboot in order to completely remove the malware from your system. In this scenario, always confirm the reboot action to be on the safe side.Please in the end give me the list of threats it detected.
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