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Stone Esquire
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Error Message

So, I ran a scan of my computer and it showed I had TROJ_JAVADL.A & TROJ_JAVADL.B, but Trend couldn't quarantine or delete them apparently. I was told to disable system restore and run a scan in safe mode, however, when I went to run the scan in safe mode I was told that I either had another program that was interfering with Trend or something about networking. I uninstalled Webroot (since I haven't been able to get that to update) and restarted the computer, this time using Safe Mode with Networking, however I still get the same error message then another window with (error=7413-244, hr=0x8007043C). I have no idea what's wrong besides my radio (I believe that's what the wireless internet reciever is called) is turned off, but I don't want to turn it back on until I have this situation figured out, unless that is in fact the problem.


Thank you for any help you are able to give me, I greatly appreciate it.

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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: Error Message

Hi Omega,

To be able to assist you much better and to check if this is a virus infection within the computer, can you try to provide us a hijackthis log file. You can follow the link below:



Once you have the log report, you can post it here so that we can check it.


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