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Stone Emissary
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CCleaner and SpyBot S&D

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I recently installed the TM HouseCall (64-Bit version) on my Win 7 (64-Bit). I ran the Quick Scan and then I used CCleaner to clean out temp files, etc.
I then ran SpyBot S&D and got a pop-up that read: "We have located 134 temporary files. Scna speed will increase if you allow us to clean your temporary folder. Do you want SpyBot delete for you."


I ran CCleaner as I always to and wonder why this pop-up from SpyBot? Does anyone know? Maybe CCleaner cannot/does not remove HouseCall tempoary files?

Is anyone else using Win 7 (64-Bit) and HouseCall and SpyBot. And if so, did you get same message? Maybe CCleaner cannot delete HouseCall temp files.

Just very confusing.


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Stone Talent
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Re: CCleaner and SpyBot S&D

hmmm, let me try that, cuz i also use ccleaner to do the disk cleanup

i use win7 32bit


are you sure the temp files are those from housecall? maybe you can check the logs

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Re: CCleaner and SpyBot S&D

Was the box in ccleaner advanced settings that says only delete files older than 24 hrs. checked?

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Stone Emissary
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Re: CCleaner and SpyBot S&D

I thought there was a conflict between Spybot and similar anti malware products and Trend products. I do not run other mal ware products unless I have a problem.  I know this might not be an answer. I will try deleting the files and remove the non Trend products. Just what I would do.

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