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Stone Esquire
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*Small problem: Housecall won't load



I downloaded T.M. Housecall today but after the updates and verifying (all goes perfectly) there is nothing for me to click in the main interface. It's just a white square. All I can do is switch between the tab 'New Scan' and 'Previous Scan' and that's it. Same goes for the license agreement screen btw, no text whatsoever, just agree/disgree next/cancel.

I've tried disabling all my AV's, third party AV's, Resident Shields and whatnot to the point that there is absolutely no process left that is associated with something that might block Housecall, but no succes.

I have the latest version of Housecall (7.2 Beta), and also tried Housecall 7.1 (both 32-bit).

I'm running Windows XP SP2 with up-to-date java/flash/etc.


I've included 2 printscreens depicting the problem.

I hope this can be fixed somehow!





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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: *Small problem: Housecall won't load

Hi MarKoot,


Have you tried checking Housecall's file size? Was it the same as indicated on the website?


You can also try re-downloading Housecall.


Hope this helps.





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