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Stone Esquire
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Registered: ‎08-02-2011

how to test Deep Security for Malware detection


Can anyone help


just installed Deep security 7.5 and from what i can see everything looks ok but know i want to test that it works, does anyone know how to test to see if it works should a virus be downloaded.


I did download the test virus file to a server that the Deep Security manager is saying is protected by the virtual appliance but nothing happened, could it be that this file does not work in that environment or am i missing something.


I am working in a VmWare environment with VShield Manager installed.


any help would be great



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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: how to test Deep Security for Malware detection



You need to make sure the machine you are testing on has the vShield Endpoint driver (from VMWare) also installed. Once that is in place, go ahead and check your Deep Security Manager console and make sure you activate that VM where the driver was installed.


You should see it as Managed (Online) with the Anti-Malware component saying "On". Make sure you set Anti-Malware configurations for the VM as well after activating to make sure it is catching viruses during the times and on the directories you'd want it to.

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