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Stone Esquire
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Deep Security Virtual Appliance VM in DMZ

We have on VM with Errors in Deep Security Manager.

Anti-Malware Driver Offline
Interfaces Out of Sync 


The VM (for ExchangeEdge) had 2 Nic´s for Internal-DMZ and External-DMZ. The Appliance and the Manager are in a other internal VLAN. Communication only allowed to the Exchange in our Domain.

Do the VM or the Appliance need a Nic in internalVLAN or DMZ?


Thanks for your help.





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Re: Deep Security Virtual Appliance VM in DMZ

The virtual appliance need:

1) NIC in the network where your Deep Security Manager is

2) NIC on the internal switch with the VMware ESX(i) host.


The first one should you make sure is correct, the other one is configure automatically when you deploy the DSVA.

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Stone Esquire
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Re: Deep Security Virtual Appliance VM in DMZ

Hi, you need install the SCSI Driver and Vshield Endpoint driver on guest OS.





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