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Stone Esquire
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Deep Security Manager won't add a vCenter

I operate Deep Security in a datacenter with a sizeable virtual inventory, and have a license for Virtual Machines on Deep Security 7.0. Whenever I try to add my vCenter server to DSM (win2k3 SP2), it takes a really long time and never finishes. I get a Deep Security Manager Offline alert (I have two managers in a High-Availability setup), the DSM interface times out, and I cant log back in to that manager for a while. When I look at the manager, DSM is using 1.7 to 1.8 GB of the recommended 2 GB that I have for this server. I am eventually able to log in to that manager again. I assume the manager is simply running out of memory, hanging, and timing out.


Anyone ever experience this??


I should mention that I sniffed the network traffic in several places and it does indeed seem to be transferring data from vCenter, but after it hangs, the transfer ends and I am left with DSM taking gobs of memory and not responding.

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