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Stone Esquire
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What is Scanmail "suspicious URL" appeal/re-check method?

My organization's website is apparently tripping ScanMail's "suspicious URLs" trigger and getting messages from us flagged as spam.  I assume it is the lingering result of a security breach our website suffered about a year ago (which was quickly resolved); we're a small but legitimate organization, don't send spam, and our website is hosted at a major provider and no longer has any untoward content.  In the past, I contacted antivirus providers who had blacklisted the site as a result of the security issue and gotten it re-checked and declared clean.


I can't, however, seem to figure out what the "appeal" process is for the blacklist is; I'm not finding a link or phone number anywhere on Trend Micro's site.  Can somebody point me to that so I can stop our email from getting filtered?

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Re: What is Scanmail "suspicious URL" appeal/re-check method?

Hi Mako,


You can use these 2 link to verify the reputation of your IP/Website for Email Reputation and Website Reputation of Trend Micro:


Email Reputation:


Web Reputation:




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